Process Painting.

Although my work is fundamentally abstract in nature it is also concerned with process and the development of one idea through a series of paintings. A definition of process is to perform a series of actions to change or preserve something. As a result an individual painting should also be viewed  in relation to all the others.

Although I have been influenced by the abstract expressionist movement in the 1940’s and 50’s I do not feel labelled or constrained by the historical implications as I consider abstract art to be an essential element of art today. In every instance my work is involved with the freedom of thought and the process of expressing this in visual terms; therefore any one painting is not a finite object as it is a constituent part of an on-going activity.

The starting point or source for my painting is usually a memory of a place which has affected my life.  At the outset I do not consider producing one painting as the visual possibilities in the source can be numerous. “The Burnings” is a series responding to the visual effects of fire and extreme heat engulfing an object or place; “The Storm at Sea” paintings were initially influenced by the later work of the 19th Century artist William Turner.  In this series I depict the storm as an interaction between sky and sea thus blurring or erasing the horizon line altogether. In “Birdstrike” I use representational images in a surrealistic and ambiguous way utilising collage techniques; the shapes involved are randomly drawn and painted onto paper.

During a recent two year stay in Wales I was influenced by the beautiful and mystical landscape which surrounded me. “The House” series was started at this time; I was fascinated by the light and shadows reflected on the walls on the house in which I lived. It reminded me of old fashioned movies projected on a screen, showing flickering, transient and haunting images. “The Spirit” series evolved at the same time and are also concerned with a similar theme involving indefinite forms emerging through space creating a supernatural atmosphere. The “Vapour Trail” series was inspired by watching jet aircraft creating transient vapour trails in the sky: in the paintings they are transformed into monumental triangular shapes dominating and looming above the flat and placid ground below.  The “New Installation” painting consists of 30 frames or large canvases joined together to make one painting measuring 15’ x 40’ . The viewer is able to observe different periods of time relating to the history of England.

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